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7 Tips on how to have a great a video or virtual interview

Video Interview Tips

Good news, you still have that interview next week but your potential employer moved it to a virtual interview!  Check out Austin and Brooke’s tips on what every candidate needs to remember to do during a video interview!  This video walks you through the dos and don’ts of having a virtual or remote interview with your next potential employer!

  1. Find a quiet space, make sure your roommates, family, and pets know it’s interview time.
  2. Check your systems, don’t wait until the last minute to download the required software.
  3. Be Punctual, make sure you give yourself a few extra minutes to get set up.
  4. Shut down all your other emails and chat
  5. Use a notebook, typing notes can be distracting
  6. Turn your camera on, a virtual interview isn’t the time to be camera shy!
  7. Be engaging, make sure the other person can see the energy you will bring to your team!

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