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Captivate Talent’s Salary, Hiring and Retention Guide 


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      Today’s largest tech companies have hundreds–if not thousands of talented, smart, and motivated candidates lining up to apply for every job listing they post. Besides brand recognition, what makes these companies so desireable are their innovative work environments, strong leadership, and amazing perks. While you may not have the budget of Google to offer in-house massage therapists or napping pods, there are some simple, inexpensive ways to up your company’s attractiveness-level. 


     So what exactly do candidates want?  Good question. With over 25 years of combined experience in the recruiting and tech space in NYC, we have a pretty good handle on what candidates are looking for, but instead of hearing from us, what better what to understand the candidates than hearing directly from them?  We surveyed our database of over 2,000 industry contacts for their honest, unfiltered answers about what attracts them to a company, what keeps them engaged through the hiring process, and what makes them want to stay at a company.  Dive into our Salary, Hiring, and Retention Guide to get inside the heads of today’s most eligible candidates and learn the changes you can make to your organization more attractive. 


Click here and download your copy today!


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