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Our mission is to find the right role for you rather than just trying to fill a position to make commission.

Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success professionals ready for their next role in the NYC startup world.

Our approach:

Candidate focused recruiting

Not all recruiters are created equal. Sure, they all help you get a job, but have you ever considered that they don't all have your best interest in mind?

While many recruiters are trying to simply fill a role to satisfy their clients (the companies they are hiring for), at Captivate Talent, we are candidate-focused, meaning that we put the candidate and their needs first.

Bubble Gum Day

On National Bubble Gum Day we tried really hard to all blow a bubble at the same time and this is the best we got!

How the process works


Submit your resume

Once you submit your information, a recruiter from our team will review your resume and reach out directly to set up a time to speak with you.


Meet your recruiter

This conversation allows us to understand your experience and career goals so we can present you with opportunities that best align with your skillset.


Go on interviews

We will set you up on interviews and make sure you're prepared before each one, provide timely feedback, and keep the process moving along.


Accept an offer

Yay! You nailed the interviews and received an offer. We will be here through the decision process and help you make the best decision for your career.

See why they worked with us

Joe Brito

Joe Brito

SaaS Account Executive

"Captivate Talent has been one of the most professional and spectacular recruiting agencies I’ve worked with. Not only are they quick to set up interviews but they also connect you to companies that align perfectly with what you are looking for. My interview process was completely streamlined from start to finish. Captivate has left such a great impression on me that if I’m ever looking to move or change my career I’ll always go to them first".

Erick Esquivel Customer Success Manager

Erick Esquivel

Customer Success Manager

"I had no expectations before my phone call with Captivate because I've spoken to other recruiters about SaaS related roles and no one's been able to grab my attention like Captivate Talent did. I was intrigued right away. It was my first time working with a recruiter from beginning to end, and I could not have asked for a better person to work with! I never felt alone during the process, we built a level of trust that assured me they were on my side from day one."


Virtual coffee with a recruiter

Our first call with a candidate is a quick and confidential conversation that allows us to get to know you so we're able to really understand your skillset and career goals. That way, we are able to present you with job opportunities that best align with what you are looking for.

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