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The best opportunities that we’re able to bring to the table are for people who have at least a year or two under their belt in the startup / tech world. If that’s you, then it’s a no brainer for us to have a quick convo.

You can have a quick, confidential chat with us to tell us more about you personally so in the event that something comes up that you would love, we can make the connection. 

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Austin Hanson
  • You know you’re ready to move on from your current position, but you’re not quite clear on what your next move should be
  • You’re struggling to get interviews because every time you send out your resume it gets lost in the “HR Black Hole” and you never get a response
  • The interview process is going painfully slow and you never get callbacks
  • If you are lucky enough to get an offer, it’s not exactly what you hoped for and you don’t know how to negotiate for the offer you deserve
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